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Copy-editing, proofreading and rewriting 

Having a competent English copy-editor to polish your writing will result in positive reading experiences, which will cast you (and your publisher) in a positive light with your readers. Another benefit will be learning about writing, language, grammar and style every time you have a document or other text edited. For more information and to access these services, see Text Aide on the WriteArt ‘Services webpage.  


Publishing aide 

With his wide-ranging publishing experience, Russell is available to work with authors and publishers to produce various types of publications. For more on this service, see Publishing Aide on the WriteArt ‘Services web page.


Courses, training and coaching in English writing, copy-editing, proofreading and rewriting    

Russell has helped numerous speakers of languages other than English to write, revise, rewrite and publish their texts in English. See Development Aide on the WriteArt ‘Services web page for more on his courses, training, and coaching services.


English language and publishing consulting

As an experienced English language and publishing practitioner, Russell is available to assist you in communicating your ideas, products and services in English. Should you be interested in this service, use the ‘Contact‘ page to outline the nature of your requirement or query.  


The above services are offered through WriteArt. Please visit the WriteArt WriteArt ‘Services‘ web page, see the WriteArt website, or contact Russell using the contact form on the ‘Contact‘ page.