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5.17 Ref works
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Module 5 Quiz (15)
Question #1: 02.05.01 How would working toward an optimal reading experience benefit the authors and publishers for whom you will be working?
Question #2: 02.05.02 What risks do authors and publishers bear in being associated with published texts compared with the risks – if any – borne by copy-editors?
Question #3: 02.05.03. In light of your answer to question (02.05) 2, how does this impact on the approach taken by copy-editors?
Question #4: 02.05.04. What are the implications for authors and publishers of the reader's experience in reading a text?
Question #5: 02.05.05. Through the role that they play, can copy-editors be seen as brand guardians?
Question #6: 05.15.01 What role will reference works play in your work as a copy-editor?
Question #7: 05.15.02 Do you think that The Free Dictionary and Wikipedia could be useful to you as a copy-editor? Explain any limitations to these reference works, if any.