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10.23 Good writing
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Module 10 Quiz
Question #1: 10.21.01 Say how important you think that a thorough knowledge of grammar, including syntax and punctuation, is for a professional copy-editor. Motivate your answer.
Question #2: 10.21.02 Among the key terms, and concepts, to be understood are the following:
- Types of sentences
- Clause
- Phrase
- Defining construction
- Non-defining construction
- Grammatical independence
- Grammatical dependence
- Syntax.

Explain what each of these terms mean, and how your understanding of each will enable you to punctuate sentences correctly.
Question #3: 10.21.03 What is a misreading, and why is it so important to prevent this experience for readers of the texts that you will be copy-editing?
Question #4: 10.21.04 Would you agree that to be a good copy-editor, you need to know what makes for good writing? Motivate your answer.
Question #5: 10.21.05 Explain the terms 'language conventions' and 'language structuring'.
Question #6: 10.21.06 Speaking of language, why do we have to know the rules if we are going to break them?